Working 9–5 in an almost completely female office has its benefits. We feel freer to discuss issues with periods, menopause and other primarily female-focused problems. But for all its positives there is one huge disadvantage. Diet talk.

“I just want to lose a stone”

“maybe a few pounds”

“have you…

A guide for corporate and small businesses on Instagram


Whether you manage a corporate business account or are a small business using social media to market its products, a sudden decrease in reach can be daunting.

Here are 3 ways you can increase your reach on Instagram.

1) Outdated hashtags

Think about what…

For those outside the kpop world, it might feel like BTS popped up out of nowhere and started to dominate the global music charts overnight. That, of course, isn’t true and in the words of the great Kenau Reeves ‘I’m a 10-year overnight success’, BTS has been on the music…



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